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What a Maroon

Posted by ESC on February 02, 2007

In Reply to: What a Maroon posted by Bob on February 02, 2007

: : What a Maroon. Where did this phrase originate? Used to describe an idiot, a dumb person. I seem to remember Bugs Bunny using it.

: It is indeed, classic Bugs Bunny. A comic variant of "moron." (Sidebar: I used "what a maroon" last year in a radio commercial I wrote, voiced by an exasperated wife not getting through to a dimbulb husband. The client wanted me to cut it out, since he didn't understand it. I held my ground, but it was amazing to me how many people, more than half, didn't connect. C'mon people, Bugs is contemporary.)

Also said by Bugs: im-BES-sul(imbecile).