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Posted by Ena on December 02, 2006

In Reply to: Wang-dang-doodle posted by ESC on December 01, 2006

: : : The meaning of "whang-dang-doodle"?

: : I'll do some research. But from the song lyrics, I'm thinking PARTY.

: : Tell Automatic Slim , tell Razor Totin' Jim
: : Tell Butcher Knife Totin' Annie, tell Fast Talking Fanny
: : A we gonna pitch a ball, a down to that union hall
: : We gonna romp and tromp till midnight
: : We gonna fuss and fight till daylight
: : We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
: : All night long, All night long, All night long...

: The Urban Dictionary says:

: To a pitch a wang dang doodle is to have a good old fashioned Saturday night filled with drunken revelry, which may include but is not limited to fighting, dancing, singing and the like.
: See also the song by Willie Dixon of the same name. (See above)

Tnx for answering.This is the context of "my" phrase, its just enumerating,"it could be this and it could be something else,and it could be..."
...).." it could have been a whang dang doodle, a phylactery testifying to the pompetus of love, or cloche hat made out of coyote skin."

There is a slang(no idea what part of English speaking world,but I found detailed exp. of this particular "meaning" on the net) of wang doodle as w.breast and wang dang doodle as penis. But I cant use that,since in the next line,the author(Stephen King) says."It could have been the penis of the poet Pindar.This guy was too far gone to know."

I also found Wilie Dixon song,but supposed there must be an object,some kind of trinket from the twenties called wang dang doodle ,that initiated the party phrase,but perhaps forgotten now?