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90 girls 90

Posted by R. Berg on May 31, 2006

In Reply to: 90 girls 90 posted by Rachel on May 30, 2006

: Okay, I know I asked this a few weeks ago and someone asked for more context and I didn't have enough to go on, but I'm giving it another shot: 90 girls 90. The context is "It's 3D, color, visio[vision], sound, 90 girls 90, see?" (The rest of the context doesn't have anything to do with this part--this is a comment thrown in the middle.) It's from a lecture given in 1958. I listened to it and it sounds like a circus announcer or something. I thought maybe it was missing punctuation like "90 girls--90 [of them]." But it's said "90 girls 90" and the only thing it reminded me of was a circus announcer announcing how many acts there were or how many tigers there were or something like that, but I've only been to a few circuses but that was in the 70s/80s, not the 50s. I was wondering if this maybe rings a bell to anyone. Doesn't have to be a circus, but possibly some kind of an announcer or something. Any clues?

Your question was answered after the first time. On this board, new posts don't pop to the top. Go down to the original question, or if that was before the previous page was archived, go to archive 47.

If you don't find it, it's possible that the site owner deleted the thread. He removes some when future visitors are unlikely to ask the same question.

"90 Girls 90" alludes to the marquees of burlesque theaters (about like strip clubs). You don't hear any punctuation because the signs would have looked just like that, without any.