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90 girls 90

Posted by Rachel on May 30, 2006

Okay, I know I asked this a few weeks ago and someone asked for more context and I didn't have enough to go on, but I'm giving it another shot: 90 girls 90. The context is "It's 3D, color, visio[vision], sound, 90 girls 90, see?" (The rest of the context doesn't have anything to do with this part--this is a comment thrown in the middle.) It's from a lecture given in 1958. I listened to it and it sounds like a circus announcer or something. I thought maybe it was missing punctuation like "90 girls--90 [of them]." But it's said "90 girls 90" and the only thing it reminded me of was a circus announcer announcing how many acts there were or how many tigers there were or something like that, but I've only been to a few circuses but that was in the 70s/80s, not the 50s. I was wondering if this maybe rings a bell to anyone. Doesn't have to be a circus, but possibly some kind of an announcer or something. Any clues?