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I wasn`t seeing straight

Posted by ESC on May 10, 2006

In Reply to: I wasn`t seeing straight posted by Frank on May 10, 2006

: : : Can anyone explain the meaning of the sentence "I wasn`t seeing straight." The text then goes on like this: Come on. We`ll be late. We`re going to have to run.
: : : Thanks

: :
: : I think you're going to have to say what went before this, for anyone to be able to guess. It could be literal or figurative.

: Well, the text before the sentence "I wasn`t seeing straight" goes like this: I thought she preferred rich kids. Her sensible father`s daughter. Mind you, that lad will probably be rich before too long. A bit of a dish.
: Thanks

He didn't have a true, accurate picture of the situation. Probably from this definition (Merriam-Webster): properly ordered or arranged. Set the kitchen straight. Set us straight on that issue; also: CORRECT Get the facts straight.