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Why box when you're already in the boat?

Posted by RRC on December 16, 2005

In Reply to: "Another in the same box" posted by Bob on December 16, 2005

: : : : "Another in the same box" - I do have question - we are preparing PF 2006 - where we have picture (team on the boat) and we need to know if this saying could be that .... we and our customers will be together in another year....
: : : : Thanks in advance

: : : I'm from the U.S. and haven't heard that phrase. Maybe someone else here will be able to answer your question.

: : I haven't heard that phrase, either. I'm also from, and in, the U.S. I doubt that it's a common phrase here.

: It sounds like what you mean to say is "Here's to another great year."

"We're in the same boat" means we're in this together no matter what happens. While this is not exactly what you're trying to express, since the picture is of a boat, it seems that it would be fairly easy to come up with a clever way of using "in the same boat" with the picture. RRC