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Why box when you're already in the boat?

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on December 16, 2005

In Reply to: Why box when you're already in the boat? posted by RRC on December 16, 2005

: : : : : "Another in the same box" - I do have question - we are preparing PF 2006 - where we have picture (team on the boat) and we need to know if this saying could be that .... we and our customers will be together in another year....
: : : : : Thanks in advance

: : : : I'm from the U.S. and haven't heard that phrase. Maybe someone else here will be able to answer your question.

: : : I haven't heard that phrase, either. I'm also from, and in, the U.S. I doubt that it's a common phrase here.

: : It sounds like what you mean to say is "Here's to another great year."

: "We're in the same boat" means we're in this together no matter what happens. While this is not exactly what you're trying to express, since the picture is of a boat, it seems that it would be fairly easy to come up with a clever way of using "in the same boat" with the picture. RRC

I think "in the same boat" carries too many negative connotations for a Christmas/Holiday card (or whatever a "PF 2006" is). Something boaty but positive might include "smooth sailing" or "stay the course" or "cruising for success".