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What is the meaning of the following phrases:

Posted by Bob on June 16, 2005

In Reply to: What is the meaning of the following phrases: posted by Nimi Amachree on June 16, 2005

: What is the meaning of the following phrases:

: To leave someone in the lurch
: To have a dutch courage
: To bite off more than one can chew
: To show the white feather
: To add a feather to one,s cap
: To make a Hobson,s choice
: To work against the clock
: To stick to one,s gun
: To heap coals of fire on one,s head
: To make someone,s blood run cold
: To eat one out of the house and home
: To square accounts with
: To have an axe to grind
: To augur well for
: To face the music
: To play to the gallery
: To give the game away
: To move with the crowd
: To live from hand to mouth
: To go on a wild goose chase
: To deal fair and square
: To fall back on
: To carry something too far
: To bow out of a venture
: To come to grief
: To be on one,s guard
: To be under the heel of
: To bring to the book
: To lead a dog,s life
: To come of age

Nimi, if you would go back one page, and click on "Meanings and origins of phrases and sayings" you'll find it answers 90% or more of your questions. It is a burnden to ask the volunteers here to retype all the answers they made over the years in order to do your homework for you.

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