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Metaphors or not

Posted by Steve E on August 19, 2005

In Reply to: Metaphors or not posted by Victoria S Dennis on August 18, 2005

: : Hello everyone, for my homework I have a task in which I have to identify if these are metaphors or not. Could you please tell me which ones are metaphors, and which ones are not.

: : 1. It's raining cats and dogs.
: : 2. He's got a heart of stone.
: : 3. I'm under the weather.
: : 4. Keep a weather eye.
: : 5. Pick up your ears.

: You have miscopied no 5 - I'm pretty sure your teacher gave you the phrase "prick up your ears", not "pick up". And if you read the notes you made when your teacher explained to you what a metaphor was, or even look up the word in a dictionary, you'll easily be able to figure out which of these phrases are metaphors.

VDS--Thank you for explaining that this poster should be doing their OWN homework assignments. It's not my forum, of course, but it gets me peeved that more and more posts are being made that seem to be nothing more than someone wanting others to do their thinking and research for them. To me it is a pity that someone would be satisfied by simply getting the answer from someone else rather than exercising their brain and learning from the research experience. How do such people survive when they complete school and go out into the world? (Rhetorical question.) Forgive me, I'm from another generation.