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Orwell's "universal deceit" quote

Posted by Bruce Kahl on March 15, 2005

In Reply to: Orwell's "universal deceit" quote posted by Shae on March 14, 2005

: : : : I see this quote frequently:

: : : : In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

: : : : it is attributed to George Orwell, but I have never been able to find the source.
: : : : does anyone know the source of this quote?

: : : It may not be Orwell.
: : : The link below brings you to a searchable database of all of Orwell's works.
: : : Searching with "universal" or "deceit" does not bring up your quote.

: : I'm not so sure that searchable database contains all of Orwell's works. For example I entered the word "Joey" but was told my search returned no results. (I tried "Joey" because it's a word Orwell used in Keep the Aspidistra Flying and which I wanted to know more about, so I posted a question on this forum. It was one of my first postings here, about two years ago.)

The on-lit link I posted is not a complete listing of all of Orwell's stuff. Mea culpa.

The link posted at vanguardnewsnetwork is just one of hundreds that google shows with the quote. In usual net style one guy posts it and everybody copy / pastes it and soon it becomes real and accepted.

Below is a link to the complete database of his stuff and there still is no confirm of the quote as being from 1984.

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