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Bunny trap and shotgun wedding

Posted by Some guy on November 08, 2004

In Reply to: Bunny trap and shotgun wedding posted by ACME on November 08, 2004

: In simpler days a young lady would get her intended to marry her by going off birth control pills and getting pregnant.(A bunny trap) Her dad would often help by hastily arranging a wedding without a many guests - a shotgun wedding.
: Life is so much more complicated now. How does a girl actually rope in a reluctant groom in the current era?

1. In simpler days, there were no birth control pills. Your best bet for not getting pregnant (other than avoiding the whole issue) was the "rhythm method". You know what you call a woman who uses the rhythm method? A mother.

2. Society has changed. There is no longer a stigma to being born out of wedlock - a bastard. See? We don't even use that word in the original sense any more. The concept of "legitimacy" with regards to inheretance and such just doesn't exist. Also, there is not the same level of stimga of being a single mother. And there is an attitude that women can fend for themselves, and don't need a husband. Though child support helps. Ergo, no longer the strong need for shotgun weddings.

3. Can't answer the question about trapping a reluctant husband.

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