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Too much sugar for a dime

Posted by ESC on June 23, 2004

In Reply to: TOO MUCH SUGAR FOR A NICKEL posted by Acme on June 23, 2004

: : : Can you tell me where this saying originated?
: : : Thanks, Fran O

: : I wondering if it has to do with the saying, "Ten pounds of sugar in a five-pound sack," about a woman wearing a dress that is too tight.

: The way I heard it was a snide remark suggesting that perhaps a woman was giving more than just what could be seen and being rewarded for her total contribution. This was a very unPC remark.

I found this:

You've got too much sugar for a dime....
You're always handing me a line
Always bragging 'bout what you've got
Swimming pool, fancy yacht

I bet you don't know nothin' bout a boat (They float)
That's too much honey for my hive... (quit your buzzing queen bee)
All you do is pitch a lot of jive

The site says: this song is also performed on the Merle Travis tribute CD "Saturday Night Shuffle" (Shanachie 6006), and performed by his son Thom Bresh (also pretty close to what I transcribed I think).

It sounds like that phrase means someone is bragging.