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Big noter

Posted by ESC on April 10, 2004

In Reply to: Big noter posted by Lotg on April 10, 2004

: I was recently considering someone close to me who is known frequently to 'big note' herself about many things that as far as I'm aware she hasn't even done. I know that to 'big note' is to brag or even mislead someone into thinking you're more special than you might really be in a given situation, but what is the origin of the term?

: Is the 'note' here from some gambling background, inferring you're offering bigger notes (dollars) than you've really got, or is it something to do with voice, eg. singing, words, etc.?

: Any help here greatly appreciated.

I've never heard that expression. Maybe it comes from "tooting (blowing) your own horn." In southern West Virginia, we called someone like that a "blow George."