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Posted by Patty on February 23, 2000

In Reply to: Funny Phrases posted by ESC on February 22, 2000

: : Does anyone have any humorous (or just good) phrases for those forays that young men take to prove their worth? I'm interested in phrases, slang terms, or coulourful descriptions about men proving or establishing themselves. Early battles and quests. Marking out turf. Etcetera...

: : Patty

: It seems to me that "growing antlers" is a term for a boy growing into manhood. Then, from the "This Dog'll Hunt: An Entertaining Texas Dictionary" by Wallace O. Chariton: "beginning to feather out."

: "When I was your age, young and full of ginger, I wanted to take a bite out of every pretty girl I saw." quoted in "The Wolfpen Notebooks" by James Still (The University Of Kentucky Press, Lexington, Ky., 1991).

Good ones, ESC.

Anyone got some more?