A golf joke

Posted by Miri Barak on March 24, 2004

yes now it's golf.

context: a guy tries to rob a golf pro-shop and while trying to get out he triggers the alarm.

At the end the narrator says:
"While it would be nice to think that this guy was carted off to jail for a new hole-in-one, he got away scot-free."

I understand the general meaning that instead of police taking him to jail, he is scot-free.
But I don't understand the part of "for a new hole-in one,".
I know this is a golf term for getting the ball into the hole in one stroke, is it a positive thing? I guess yes, but how does it connect here?
what's the point?

Can anyone explain the joke to me? well, not exactly a joke, but trying to be funny.

Thanks a lot