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Help if you can.

Posted by Kathaab on November 20, 2003

I need to know the meaning for the following phrases. I thank you very much.

1.gears up to run for re-election.

2.a washington think-tank. knock off Saddam.

4.pulled the plug on something. off to a bad start. create common ground. seeth over the affair.

8.took the oath of office.

9.swept into office.

10.ceremony was steeped in tradition. put a damper on livelier festivities.

12.political high ground.

13.stalking out.

14.something remained in effect.

15.defied the prophets of doom.

16.have a wedge issue to use against someone.

17.trying to find their footing. mow down someone.

19.pried something open.

20.bemoaned the fate of something.

21.hands-on familiarity.

22.chord of disquiet in the american soul.

23.girlie bar.

24.sexual pit stops.

25.crop up in any boomtown. be no outcast.

27.wattzed off your feet.

28.tuned-up calendar.

29.gear up to do something.

30.knock your socks off. time around.

32.went out on a limb.

33.winging into some place.

34.blow out. hoc.

37.going wobbly.

38.kicked down the road.

39.a watershed event.

40.the name rang a bell.

41.monument-stippled mall. lie low.

43.a wake up call. read between the lines.

45.set off the bombshell.

46.our military around the world is tapped out.

47.mentioned in the same breath as someone.

48.he had been eclipsed by his son. sail off to somewhere.

50.leapt to its feet.

51.wacky women.

52.slyly boasted.

53.with all due respect to ...

54.make someone a token.


56.somebody is cooking the books.

57.with the economy taking off.

58.bureaucratic foul-ups.

59.pencilling in a date for election. hunt down terrorists.

61.brushing off warnings. stamp out the terrorist threat.

63.thrash out their views.

64.cement an image.

65.she opt for a wheelchair.

66.missing out on the opportunity to get better. limbo.

68.dreaft dodgers.


70.armed offshoot.

71.backed off.

72.set out on a tour. add insult to injury. draw up a plan.

75.a sham speech. kick off his tour. keep the schedule under wraps. shrugg off the anouncement. mend fences with someone. hold off any action.

81.well-to-do man. stay the course with someone.

83.wishfull thinking.

84.steered the whale around the pool.

85.tucked his daughter into bed. effort is in full swing. play.

88.down to earth subjects. keep the ball up and in play.

90.putting someone on the spot.

91.sort out his ideas.

92.wandered off into the evening. your ignition.

94.buzzing off.

95.hopping up and down with rage.

96.ripped off.

97.clambered down into the pool.

98.hands-on study.

99.the case thrown out on techicality.

100.a shoo-in-ticket for the presidency. out of character.

102.voted out of office.

103.just for starters. in with other kids.

105.wee hours of the morning.

106.for the life of me.

107.fired off a string of allegations. stake.

109.waded into the raw.

110.took a sides wipe at her critics.

111.salted away more than $5 billion.

112.i will take him on that offer.

113.struck a chord with me. hour whizzes by.

115.goofing around on his boogie board.

116.dorsal fin.

117.throw off the yoke of colonial oppression.

118.relegious right is on the act. up my internet.

120.the resistence got so heated up.

121.domestic strife.


123.bluffed his way into the reception.

124.full-fledged state visit.

125.morphed into something.

126.miffed at.

127.dapper career diplomat.

128.raged out of control.

129.filibustered someone.


131.cozied up to exile.

132.a litmus test for authenticity.

133.up for grabs.

134.the army rounded up thousands of people. spook the stock market.

136.he has shoved out.

137.two statesmen are tying their ties without pomp.

138.will go into high gear. pull off something.

140.get someone off the hook.

141.root someone out.

142.the fact of the matter is. snap up jobs.

144.swooped on someone.

145.spearheaded by.

146.set the wheel in motion.

147.common ground.