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Next few (to 40)

Posted by Bill Smith on November 21, 2003

In Reply to: Next few (to 40) posted by Lewis on November 21, 2003

: : mow down someone.
usually to kill in a massive amount of shots - or to drive into somebody with intention to kill them

Yes. Think of cutting wheat, or tall grass with a scythe.

: : 19.pried something open.
levered - pried to past tense of to 'pry'

: : 20.bemoaned the fate of something.
expressed sorrow at the outcome/what happened

Yes. look up "moan."

: : 21.hands-on familiarity.
regular practical experience

Yes. Think of using a tool yourself while your teacher comments on your performance.

: : 22.chord of disquiet in the american soul.
(figurative) a feeling of unease in the American public

Yes. A chord is several musical notes played together. Think of someone banging on a piano with closed fists.

: : 24.sexual pit stops.
(figurative) pit stop = place where racing cars are refuelled and have quick repairs carried out - so a place where immediate sexual release may be obtained

Yes. Also a place to use the toilet, often while driving somewhere. "Let's make a pit stop in the next town."

: : be no outcast.
to be included - to be an outcast is to be excluded from society

Yes. Cast is a transitive verb. It means to throw certain things. Don't use it any thing unless you know that native speakers use it for that thing. We "cast a wide net," but we don't "cast a ball."

: : 27.waltzed off your feet.
waltz is a dance - to be charmed

Yes. We also say, "He swept her off her feet," Meaning she was thoroughly charmed, and soon fell in love with him.

: : 29.gear up to do something.
to prepare (can mean to get appropriately dressed)

Yes. "Gear" means the equipment needed to perform some task, or sport. In recent years it has come to mean special clothing. Websites often have a link to "gear" which is clothing bearing the logo or trademark of the company, or organization.

: : 30.knock your socks off.
create surprise - astound

Yes. To "knock" is to strike a hard, sharp blow. That, of course, doesn't seem to fit with something soft. This is a playful phrase both for that reason, and also because "knock" and "sock" rhyme.

: : time around.
next time

Yes. Think of a bus with a circular route. If you miss it, you can catch it (board it) the next time around.

: : 34.blow out.
multiple uses - to call off an appointment, to explode, to leave rapidly

Yes. Also a large, loud party. Also, in store advertisements it means a large sale. You are supposed to think that prices at a "blowout" sale will be extremely low.

: :
where a road is supported by pillars and above ground-level

Yes, but not in the U.S. where it's an called "overpass," or just a bridge. In the U.S. a "flyover" refers to military planes flying in formation over a parade, or ceremony.