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Deep Pockets

Posted by ESC on October 22, 2003

In Reply to: Deep Pockets posted by ESC on October 22, 2003

: : Got into a debate the other day about the meaning of the phrase "Mr. Deep Pockets".
: : I always thought it meant that said person had lots of money.
: : My counterpart said it meant that Mr. Deep Pockets never wanted to pay for anything, hence they couldn't get to their money in time to pay for anything because their pockets were so deep.
: : I couldn't find anything on this website related to
: : Deep Pockets

: : Any thoughts??

: It means the person (or company or institution) has a lot of money. "People sue the insurance companies because they have deep pockets."

Another example from an online article: "Regular donations from the collection plates are off limits and insurance companies are balking, causing plaintiffs' lawyers to probe the deep pockets of the Vatican."