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A scene from an English Comedy

Posted by Miri Barak on May 21, 2003

the comedy is gimme gimme, two characters: Linda, a sex-driven masculine girl and Tom Farrel, a gay.
She tells him:
"Here have a face pack. Do you want Hello Vera of See Ya Cilla?"
I understand that Hello Vera refers to Aloe vera facial mask but I don't recognize the other one. I guess the see ya is in contrast to Hello, but What is the reference in Cilla?

I'll quote some very problematic paragraph:
"I'm just admiring Thora Hird's box room actually. Acturally can I just take a little bit of time out to admire Thora Hird full stop. She's a lass from Lancashire with a heart of glold. Half hip replacement, half got pot. Hello Vera please. In fact I can't say I've ever met or heard of another Thora. I mean what's that all about? Maybe I'd get on in acting if I had a unique name."

My endless questions:
that is a box room?
what does he mean by half hip replacement, half hot pot? (I know hot pot is a lamb stew), and Dame Thora was a famous English comedy actress (already passed away).

My deepest thanks to any help.