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A scene from an English Comedy

Posted by Henry on May 21, 2003

In Reply to: A scene from an English Comedy posted by Miri Barak on May 21, 2003

: the comedy is gimme gimme, two characters: Linda, a sex-driven masculine girl and Tom Farrel, a gay.
: She tells him:
: "Here have a face pack. Do you want Hello Vera of See Ya Cilla?"
: I understand that Hello Vera refers to Aloe vera facial mask but I don't recognize the other one. I guess the see ya is in contrast to Hello, but What is the reference in Cilla?

: I'll quote some very problematic paragraph:
: Tom:
: "I'm just admiring Thora Hird's box room actually. Acturally can I just take a little bit of time out to admire Thora Hird full stop. She's a lass from Lancashire with a heart of glold. Half hip replacement, half got pot. Hello Vera please. In fact I can't say I've ever met or heard of another Thora. I mean what's that all about? Maybe I'd get on in acting if I had a unique name."

: My endless questions:
: that is a box room?
: what does he mean by half hip replacement, half hot pot? (I know hot pot is a lamb stew), and Dame Thora was a famous English comedy actress (already passed away).

: My deepest thanks to any help.

Cilla may be Cilla Black, presenter of the popular TV programme Blind Date. See ya means I'll see you soon, in other words Au revoir or just Goodbye.

Thora Hird came from Lancashire, where the local food is hot pot. Perhaps the phrase means she is half authentic, half artificial.

To me, a box room is a small room where spare furniture and possessions are stored. It is obviously something quite different here! Tom may be admiring Thora as an actress.