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Song writer ideas

Posted by Knox on May 31, 2003

In Reply to: Song writer ideas posted by R. Berg on May 28, 2003

"Take one for the team"....ok, well its already been used in a song, but i'll explain it anyway. In baseball, you take one for the team by being up to bat, and the ball comes your way, and instead of dodging, you let it hit you so you can get a free walk on base. OK...well, when it applied to a couple of guys goin out...they see two girls, and one's hot, and one's not.. so your buddy goes up to the hot one as asks her to dance, and she seys "well, I don't want to leave my friend here by herself"... and then thats when the other guy steps up and asks her to dance. Even though she's just gross just so that his buddy will get to dance with the good lookin one. thats what that means...he "took one for the team".

those phrases are any more? where'd you get them... from the book you reccomended? I don't want to use someone elses work and get sewed for it later.