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Grass eating

Posted by R. Berg on November 08, 2002

In Reply to: Grass eating posted by ESC on November 08, 2002

: : : Phrases found in "The Most Wanted" by Jacquelin Mitchard (Penguin Putnam, New York, 1998), a novel set in Texas:

: : : " But Ginny said, 'You keep clear of that one, girl. He ain't a bad man. But he's crazier than a cootebray.'"

: : : "I had to work in the morning, though I was as sick as a dog eating grass."

: : : ".Tyler Talley, the 'Ready Get Set' Killer, a nineteen-year-old football star and B student, poor as chalk."

: : Dogs and cats with upset tummies deliberately eat grass to make themselves puke. They invariably wait until they are on the sofa to do the foul deed.

: Yes, unfortunately I am familiar with that. And I have the stained rugs & sofa to prove it. In the pet store I saw little pots of grass that one can buy so the animals don't even have to go outside to nibble and sick up.

In what I've read about cats (I've never had dogs), the reason for eating grass isn't established. They may or may not be using it as an emetic. Grass might be good for their health in some way. I used to harvest grass, a few blades at a time, for an indoor cat we had. He would keep it down if I tore it into short lengths.

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