Posted by Rube on August 20, 2002

In Reply to: Questions posted by The Silver Surfer on August 20, 2002

Oh, the typo bothers you. Mea culpa. Did it interfere with your comprehension of my meaning? What do you find inappropriate in my use of de minimis? How is it an "affection" [sic]? What do you find turgid about my reply? It seems to me I said exactly what I chose to say, in simple language which conveyed precisely what I meant to say.

As to your reply, why is it that you choose to use an inappropriate affectation such as calling an unknown correspondent "my dear..."? Do you believe that it best illustrates your condescending (or if you believe my use of ordinary, though multi-syllabic, words such as "condescending" lends to my allegedly "turgid" style, you can imagine I have used the term "snotty" instead) tone and sanctimonious attitude?

Now look what has happened. You might be offended again by my taking the time (using the necessary words) to question your view while expressing my own. Perhaps I should have relied upon "Grow up or piss off."