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NY Times Blooper?

Posted by ESC on March 02, 2002

In Reply to: NY Times Blooper? posted by Bruce Kahl on March 02, 2002

: "Another Round of Layoffs Are Planned at
: First Boston"

: "Round" is singular, no?
: So it should read:
: "Another Round of Layoffs IS Planned at
: First Boston."

: The original is below.

Wow. The barbarians are at the gate. In my line of work I get the opportunity to read several press releases from government agencies every day. Misspellings and grammatical errors are rampant. I think, well, the reporters will clean 'em up. Now I'm not so sure. In a few years I figure everyone will be semi-literate. (And I hope R. Berg doesn't find any grammatical errors in what I just wrote.)

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