More in sadness that in anger---Reply to LCC

Posted by Bluebaron on December 10, 1999

In Reply to: More in sadness that in anger posted by LCC on December 10, 1999

: : : : : : In this case, the fiddling is euphemistic, but the burning actual. Refers to the Emperor Nero, who "fiddled around" while Rome actually was burning.

: : : : : For such erudition we may award a prize, but not yet.

: : : : : I have a direct modern equivalent 'Pissing down with rain'

: : : : ...the riposte, while witty, is more rude than erudite, I humbly submit...and much too literal

: : : : : In this case, the pissing is euphemistic, but the raining actual. Refers to the fact that the rain is falling in steady streams and not a series of separated droplets.

: Self evidently I can indeed read and, in addition, I can write, reason and evaluate evidence. Perhaps if you could demonstrate ownership of these same skills your frequent contributions would be more readable, informative and less arrogant and abusive.

: : : Perhaps it's the lack of any connection to an independent source that's the problem. Simply to assert is seldom sufficient and can lead to 'Urban Myths' and gross misunderstandings.

: : Dear LCC: Try the Columbia Encyclopedia, Third Edition,.....if you can read, that is!!!

...LCC: Let us bury the hatchet and smoke the calumet!!! Pax vobiscum!