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Honestus Adolencus

Posted by Bruce Kahl on July 03, 2001

In Reply to: Honestus Adolencus posted by Marek Duchna on July 03, 2001

: Hello,

: Can somebody help me with translation of following Latin words into English - Honestus Adolencus. I found them in my gggggfather church records from East Prussia. I was able to translate Honestus - distinguished but I do not have any luck with adolencus.

: Cheers,
: Marek

An honorable young woman or man.

honestus -a -um [honored , in good repute, respectable]. [honorable, proper, virtuous]; n. as subst.[morality, virtue]. [fine, beautiful]. Adv. honeste, [respectably; honorably; properly].

adulescens (adolescens) -entis as adj. , [young, growing]; as subst., [a young man or young woman].


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