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Posted by Barney on July 01, 2001

In Reply to: F Y I posted by R. Berg on July 01, 2001

: : : : Now you can hear the pronunciations of words in the Merriam Webster on-line dictionary! This is certainly not the first on-line resource to offer this but M-W is by far the largest and most famous to offer this service and can be a tremendous help for people trying to learn this language.

: : : : In addition, Google now has the ability to correct your spelling on searches.
: : : : I did a search for a relative on "basball statistics" and google asked if I really meant "baseball statistics". Scary!

: : : And FYI, I found a great site for baseball statistics,

: : I'd rather watch paint dry.

: Well, I'll keep you in mind if I happen upon a good paint-drying website. Meanwhile, the American Heritage Dictionary at also has pronunciations (and "vayse" wins out over "vaahz"). Google has queried my spelling before. What's newer than that on Google is automatic translation of text in foreign-language sites. For person with amateur in the alien speaking, not an evil notion is it, and makes inquire the rationale of so late was instigated this novel aspect.