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I do (have some evidence)

Posted by ESC on April 23, 2001

In Reply to: I do (have some evidence) posted by Massimo Mazzucco on April 22, 2001

: Sexist culture is as old as some "Holy Scriptures" are, and a whole civilization stemmed out of those, some two thousand years ago. Long before, that is, Anglo-Saxon countries were to even be touched by the same.
: It is then safe to assume that, if a given expression exists in the former cultures, it can certainly help explaining the meaning within the latter, which has obviously acquired it at a later time.
: Well, I'm Italian, and such an expression not only exist in our language too, it is actually one of the most common in popular language.
: And the expression, literally, goes (my translation, of course): "You don't have ENOUGH balls to..."
: Now, since nobody usually gets more than your usual pair anyway, "enough" certainly refers to size, not amount.
: And size coming necessarily with growth/age, it but confirms R. Berg's above intuition.

And having brass ones is considered a good thing too.