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3 words that ends in gry. How about 5 words ;-);-);-)

Posted by Rupali on May 16, 2001

In Reply to: 3 words that ends in gry. posted by Bob on November 23, 2000

Now as you all know three words that ends with gry, Now you can challenged to the person who asked for three words, HOW ABOUT 5 WORDS THAT ENDS WITH GRY ;-)


1. ANGRY [hope you know the meaning of no.1 & 2]
3. AGGRY - a glass bead found buried in the earth in Ghana.
4. PUGGRY - a light scarf wound around a hat or helmet to protect the head from the sun, and
5. MEAGRY - of meager appearance.


: : Hello,

: : someone I know, challenged me to this tiny riddle which I am having a hard time figuring out...

: : He told me that, there are 3 words in English that ends with the letters "gry."

: : First one is Hungry, Second one is Angry, what is the third one?

: : He even mentioned something about the origin of whoopee...which I find amusing.

: We've visited this little amusement before. Just type "gry" into the search feature, above.