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Kick the bucket

Posted by Marcus on December 22, 2000

In Reply to: Kick the bucket posted by Israel Cohen on December 21, 2000

: meaning "to die" is probably from a Semitic cognate of
: the Hebrew phrase 3agav b'3a:yden which means "make (physical) love in
: paradise (Eden)", a euphemism with a particularly Middle Eastern flavor.

: The correspondence of the consonants is shown below:
: K kg velar aiyin
: K g velar gimel
: B vb fricative+stop vet + bet (merged)
: K kg velar aiyin
: T td dental dalet
: (dropped) alveolar nun

: compare:

: cuckold ckwld

: Note representation of dental d/t by ancient shin [Latin dens] = tooth.

: Well now, consider it being used in conjuction with trap doors on a gallows or knocking the chair out from under a hanging victim, to be more precise, or perhaps the practice of inducing a mild form of strangulation during sex that has been known to be fatal.