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Why use profanity on this site?

Posted by Jacqualine-Marie Nunes on November 20, 2000

In Reply to: Why use profanity on this site? posted by Jeanine Plante on November 20, 2000

Wow...that's nasty. I was annoyed about what I found until I read your comments. Whoever oversees this site should read it.

I looked up the word Spirituality and one of the responses was "Holy ****".....well, that's a stretch. So, it might be intended to be a good tool, but not everything on the Net should be infiltrated with garbage.

I can imagine your embarrassment with your class, but at least you were trying to expose them to something useful. Maybe you can use this experience to also teach them that they need to be aware of what they read and see, that they can become their own best authority.