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Origin of Going Dutch

Posted by Frankie on November 13, 2000

In Reply to: Origin of Going Dutch posted by James Briggs on November 12, 2000

: : Does anybody know the origin of "Going Dutch"

: Dutch: eg "I'm a Dutchman"; "Dutch courage", "Dutch treat". All these come from the time of the 17th century when the Dutch were hated military and commercial rivals. Other examples are; "Dutch auction" (where everything is backwards), "double Dutch" (ie gibberish) and "to go Dutch" (ie to pay for yourself), a variant of Dutch treat.

Every archive on this site probably has a Q&A on Dutch phrases.
Below was taken from a more recent thread: archive 6 (9-15-00)
Dutch comfort = cold comfort
Dutch concert = pandemonium
Dutch courage = the courage of drink
Dutch crossing = crossing the street slant wise
Dutch treat = each pays for their own expenses
Going Dutch = sharing the bill
Dutch f_ck = lighting a cigarette with another