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Gone over to Rome

Posted by R. Berg on October 12, 2007

In Reply to: Gone over to Rome posted by Victoria S Dennis on October 12, 2007

: : "Gone over to Rome"

: : I heard this on the UK 'Weakest Link', and have no idea even what it means, let alone what it relates to. I guess it means betrayal, but Ann Robertson used it to refer to a 'dum-dum'.

: "Gone over to Rome" in British English means "converted to Roman Catholicism", and "Dum-dum" is an expanding bullet; those are the only meanings as far as I know. Does that fit what you heard her say? (VSD)

In the U.S., "dum-dum" is also childish slang, same as "dumb-dumb," a stupid or foolish person. ~rb