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Fell into the right hands

Posted by ChrisA on August 05, 2007

In Reply to: Fell into the right hands posted by Oiri on August 05, 2007

: Hi, this is my first post... I would be grateful if someone could answer my question!

: I watched Angelina Joli's interview on YouTube last night, and she said 'everything fell into the right hands' when she was taking about the film 'Mighty Heart'.

: Is that a common way of using the idiom 'something falls into --- hands'? Or is 'something falls into the wrong hands' more usual, perhaps?

Context would be useful here, Oiri. It is, as you say, more usual to refer to something falling into 'the wrong hands' but it would usually be a specific thing or things, not 'everything'. Possibly there were several things, any one of which could have fallen into the wrong hands; in which case 'everything fell into the right hands' might be a pretty elegant way of saying none of the things in question ended up in the wrong hands.

Then, of course, the words could have a straightforward rather than an idiomatic meaning. 'Everything (ie all the things I've just mentioned) fell into the right hands(ie went to the people I wanted them to go to)."