Crazy cat lady

Posted by Lewis the Shrink on April 20, 2007

In Reply to: Crazy cat lady posted by ESC on April 20, 2007

: : I am looking for the origin of the phrase 'crazy cat lady'. I have searched the archives, Google, Wikipedia and what I am finding is not very helpful

: Well, I don't know who said it first. But sometimes lonely women of a certain age collect cats.

I was listening to a programme that mentioned it as a recognised psychological syndrome - Diogenes syndrome.

it is characterised by self-neglect and close association with companion animals. syllogomania is an associated trait - the hoarding of things - often such as rubbish/newspapers.

I had to assist with sorting out one such old woman - place was really dangerous as a fire risk and to health from rotten things. when she was evicted, she tried to take a pan of chicken - it was green...and that wasn't thai curry.
the guy clearing it even found she'd been storing her urine in large bottles.

it may seem vaguely amusing and quaint, but some of these people are VERY disturbed.