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The proper phrase:

Posted by Parthian on March 31, 2007

In Reply to: The proper phrase: posted by pamela on March 30, 2007

: : : : What is the proper phrase: Attached are the minutes TO the March meeting or Attached are the minutes FROM the March meeting?
: : : : Thank you.

: : : I would instinctively write "the minutes OF the March meeting"! "From" sounds odd to me, and "to" sounds definitely wrong. (VSD)

: : :I suggest it may depend on whether the meeting has yet occurred.'For'/'from' likewise.
: : Parthian

: For minutes, I've never heard or used anything but "of", and it is the convention. In theory, you could say "from" without being wrong ("Where are the minutes from the March meeting? Only the January ones are here"), but it wouldn't be usual. "To" is just wrong. Pamela

:Sorry pamela,on second thoughts I have to wholly agree.The minutes only come at or after the meeting.I was confusing the agenda.Thanks.

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