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Beware of the cookie, I say.

Posted by Pamela on January 30, 2007

In Reply to: Beware of a man with a gleam in his eye posted by Smokey Stover on January 25, 2007

: : : my daughter has been worried after buying a fortune cookie, could you explain what this means. Beware of a man with a gleam in his eye,it may just be the sun shining through the hole in his head.

: : The only gleam I know about is romance/lust. As in: you were just a gleam in your father's eye. Meaning your father's interest in your mother that lead to them becoming parents.

: I think there may be another kind of gleam, the gleam in the eye of a man on a mission, or a man with an obsession, a man with a plan. It is easier for me to imagine such a man as having a hole in his head than one whose gleam represents merely concupiscence.
: SS

Yes, but that's the way with fortune cookies - it could just as easy mean - "Beware of fanatics -they are often just empty headed fools" as "Any man who has romantic feelings for you has a hole in his head" as "Lustful men are often fools". Always remember - if you don't eat the cookie, it won't come true. I was surprised to discover that they are a US - and not a Chinese - invention and are of very recent origin. Pamela

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