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Posted by Yuri on January 24, 2007

Dear moderators,

I turn to your assistance when dictionaries Ogive out, or when information I obtain comes from some obscure source. So far, this help coming from educated native speaking informants with broad philological and general background (whether they are professional linguists or otherwise) has been truly invaluable. My personal interests lie in the realm of meaning and usage rather than etymology of phraseological units. Right now, for example, I try to figure out whether the slang expressions SKIN SOMEONE and SKIN SOMEONE ALIVE are identical in meaning or only partially overlap sharing one meaning in common ^ no dictionary can help me here. Another example of my current pursuits may be discriminating (along similar lines) between STAND AWAY FROM SOMETHING and STAY AWAY FROM SOMETHING, etc.

Yours is a great site, so let me thank you once again for the good (and incredibly extensive!) work you are doing.

Best regards,