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Posted by Smokey Stover on October 12, 2006

In Reply to: Z-lister posted by pamela on October 10, 2006

: : : z-lister?
: : : is this an opposite to a list?
: : : then why not a lister?
: : : why not z-list?
: : : help plz
: : : thanks

: : The "A list" is the compilation of celebrities and luminaries who attend the movie openings and lavish parties in Monaco. Jet setters. They are, therefore, A-listers.
: : Z-listers are, by extreme contrast, those slobs at the other end of the social spectrum. The scruffy guy who installed your cable. The bible-thumping mumbler on the subway platform. Me.

: As far as the other part of your question goes, there are a number of pages on Google that mention "a-lister" (a person who gets onto the a-list) and z-list, where Bob, the mumbler and the cable guy go (and have a gosh darn good time, I bet). Pamela

Kathy Griffin, stand-up comic, actress and television personality (she has her own comedy show), describes herself as being on the D-list.