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"There's work for all to do

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 15, 2006

In Reply to: "There's work for all to do posted by Ineke van Dijk on April 14, 2006

: A Poem, titled "There's work for all to do""(?!)
: First phrase "Come boys, the world wants mending:

On the same page as your question, but somewhat near the bottom is a query by Hans van Haarst, concerning the words:

: Come boys the world wants mending
: : let none sit down and rest
: : but set to work like heroes

A Dutch blogger has given us another verse, which I quote, along with a fragment of his blog.

Als je bij haar over de schreef ging (en dat betekende drie kruisjes hebben) moest je een gedicht 'by heart' leren en voordragen voor de klas. Het begon eenvoudig...

Come boys, the world wants mending,
Let not sit down and rest [sc. Let's not...]
but set to work like heroes
and nobly do your best

Do what you can for fellow men
with noble heart and true
much may be done by everyone
there's work for all to do!
: : and nobly do your best.:

To see more of the blog, go to:

I have been unable to identify this song further.