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Ninja bitch

Posted by Anders on January 10, 2006

In Reply to: Ninja bitch posted by ESC on January 10, 2006

: : Yesterday, I came upon the expression "ninja bitch" which I took to mean something like a "cunning, scheming, unforgiving, relentless woman." Today, I thought I had better make sure if this is what it actually means. Googling for the expression, I end up at the Urban Dictionary (a resource increasingly useful as Internet slang proliferates). It defines the word thus: "Any attractive woman of Asian decent". But note the rating "three thumbs down." I take it, therefore, that this definition is controversial at best.

: Yeech. I'd say it is.

Thank you, ESC, for always standing by me in my endeavours to understand slang and contemporary language, be it blues related or not. Incidentally, my previous post (now in the archives) did not receive a single response, cf. link.