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Kick the snot out of him

Posted by Smokey Stover on February 07, 2006

In Reply to: Kick the snot out of him posted by Victoria S Dennis on February 06, 2006

: : : Please, can anybody explain me the meaning of "I want to kick the snot out of him".

: : : Thnaks a lot in advance.

: : Kick or hit him so hard that mucus comes out of his nose. A more vulgar version: kick the sh*t out of him. Hit him so hard he soils his pants.

: "Snot" here is certainly a euphemism for "s h i t". I'm afraid.

But of course the entire phrase is a typical expansion and vulgarization for the purpose of emphasis. When you kick the snot out of him, equally the s h i t, you do so figuratively. Beat the s... out of him is used the same way. You normally stop doing it long before either snot or s h i t is visible. Of course, if the subject of the beating is "full of s h i t" (another figurative phrase meaning, roughly--very roughly--mired in error), perhaps he will be less "full of s h i t" after the beating. I say all this for your understanding of the phrase. I entreat you not to use it, ever. SS