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"Back EAST"

Posted by R. Berg on November 04, 2005

In Reply to: "Back EAST" posted by Bob on November 03, 2005

: : "Back EAST"
: : Since moving from Texas to California a year ago, I have heard this phrase millions of times referring to anywhere near DC and northward on the East Coast. I don't remember it coming up very much in Texas, so I am wondering about it's frequent usage in California. Anyone know?

: I remember being startled by a Californian talking about "back East" referring to Denver. After the mental shock, I realized that there is some justification to it ... it's still 1500 miles to go ... but my (Eastern) orientation had always regarded Denver as very very West. It's all relative. From Switzerland, you can drive 8 hours in different directions and be in numerous countries speaking a wide assortment of languages. In Texas, you can drive 8 hours and still be in Texas.

"Back east" is commonly used in California in exactly the way Vanessa describes.