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You're like a slow walk and a cup of tea

Posted by Steve E on July 26, 2005

In Reply to: You're like a slow walk and a cup of tea posted by Bob on July 26, 2005

: : Has anyone else ever encountered the expression: "You're like a slow walk and a cup of tea"? I remember my grandmother using it often when I was a child in the North East of England. I think its meaning is pretty obvious, but I'm curious to know if it was, or is, generally used (at least in some parts of England) or just something she made up herself.

: The meaning's not obvious to me. From the left side of the pond, I can't tell if it's meant as a compliment or a criticism.

I immediately viewed it as a "warm and fuzzy" compliment, but that is probably because I very much enjoy slow walks (they are relaxing and contemplative) and a good cup of tea (comforting and refreshing). I can see the other perspective, however, in that one could view a slow walk as being tedious but what could one have against a cup of tea (particularly in the UK)--unless the originator hated tea! I'm now very curious to see more about this one.