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You're full of bologna

Posted by Smokey Stover on July 02, 2005

In Reply to: You're full of bologna posted by ESC on July 01, 2005

: : : : The phrase "Bologna" ! or "You're full of bologna" is used widely.
: : : : Does anyone know where it came from?

: : : Probably just a nicer way of saying "You're full of sh*t".

: : I always thought is was a euphemism for the specific term "bullsh*t" because the first syllable is the same.

: Minced oath.

Long ago, before bull**** or even B.S. was widely used in semi-polite society, it was often said, "You're full of baloney." It was also sometimes said, "That's just baloney!" Or even, "Oh, baloney!" I never had the impression that baloney was a euphemism for anything else. Baloney was a relatively plebeian sort of deli meat. But perhaps I was wrong. Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men? Or should that be "lurks"? SS

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