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Posted by ESC on June 25, 2005

SAE - He's not a Ph.D., he is a SAE - self-appointed expert. Paraphrase of comment by Sheenah Hankin, a guest on a panel discussion on NBC Today on June 25, 2005. Ms. Hankin is a Ph.D., a psychotherapist. She was referring to actor Tom Cruise who in a previous NBC interview gave his opinions on psychiatry and anti-depressant drugs. Mr. Cruise is against them.

Today transcript at

We asked Cruise to explain his recent comments regarding Brooke Shields. Cruise created a firestorm when he criticized Shields for revealing that she went into therapy and took antidepressants to deal with her postpartum depression. Cruise has said that, as a Scientologist, he doesn't believe in psychiatric medicine.
CRUISE: I've never agreed with psychiatry, ever. Before I was a Scientologist I never agreed with psychiatry. And when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn't believe in psychology.

And as far as the Brooke Shields thing, look, you got to understand, I really care about Brooke Shields. I think, here's a wonderful and talented woman. And I want to see her do well. And I know that psychiatry is a pseudo science.

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