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Keep sb out of the loop

Posted by Steve E on June 24, 2005

In Reply to: Keep sb out of the loop posted by Bob on June 24, 2005

: : I came across the phrase in TIME magazine that says: "keep sb out of the loop." Any ideas?

: Looks like a quote ... more context might help. It could be a person telling another to keep SomeBody (abbreviated to sb?) out of the loop ... or it could be a reference to someone whose initials are sb. Samuel Barber? Sanda Bullock? Saint Bernard? Sarah Bernhardt?

In the context was the sb in brackets like this [sb]? If so and if it were a quote, then Bob has hit the nail on the head as the author wanted to reveal the quote without revealing the "Somebody" so he indicated [sb] to keep the person's name private.

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