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A phrase from Ginsberg's poem

Posted by Kashima on July 29, 2005

Hello! I am always thankful for your help.

I found the following quotation from Allen Ginsberg's poem "Song"(written in 1954) at a opening scene in a James Dean's biographical drama.

yes, yes, that's what I wanted, I always wanted, I always wanted, to return to the body where I was born.

I found the original poem at this site: poetry/3757/
but I am not sure what "the body where I was born" means. Does it literally mean that the poet is longing for his mother's womb, or is he longing for a woman's
love, or does he want to go back to the time where he was born?
Thanks in advance.

The warm bodies shine together in the darkness,
the hand moves to the center of the flesh,
the skin trembles in happiness
and the soul comes joyful to the eye--

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