Justice is blind

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on May 22, 2005

In Reply to: Justice is blind posted by David FG on May 21, 2005

: : : What's the origin or meaning behind "justice is blind, not deaf"?

: : : The traditional visual symbol of "Justice" is a blindfolded woman holding scales and a sword. The scales are for weighing right and wrong; the sword is to punish the guilty; the blindfold is to show that she is impartial (i.e. that she does not treat friends differently from strangers, or high-ranking people better than humble ones, because she does not "see" them). But she is not deaf, because she listens to all the evidence put before her.

: That is an 'old wive's tale.' Justice is NOT blindfold.


: In what sense not blindfold, DFG? There are innumerable images of Justice across the Western world where she is depicted blindfold. I agree that she is not invariably so (whereas she always has the sword and scales) and it is possibly a more recent development of her image. But it certainly exists.