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: : : : : : : : heh heh, "I'm gonna slap you around like a redheaded step child." I guess it just come from the prejeduce of Scottish people, they're really the only race with red hair...

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: : : : : Yeah, but the Scots are the drunkest violentist people out there. I'm sick of this damn politic correctness, I'm going to say it because it's true more often than for other races.

: : : : On behalf of the Cochrans, the Fitzgeralds and the Gadds, I object!! We only get drunk and violent when someone disses the Scots.

: : : My mother was a gentle Scots lady, my father was a pretty ordinary Edinburgh lawyer, my grandfather was a pillar of the Kirk and a lifelong teetotaller. I could go on but fear I would not find a single drunken or violent person in the whole family tree.

: : : Methinks that some mistake the immigrant Irish population of Glasgow for real Scots and label us all as drunken wasters. Not so gentle readers, we real Scots are generally of high intelligence, given to hard work, sober in our habits, generally kind to animals and can be regularly observed engaged in kindly acts and selfless deeds of ungrudging generosity.

: : : Need I say more?
: : There is a certain duscussion over the image of the Scot. From the 19th century we have an image of the thrifty, industrious, mechanically gifted Scot. They were also brave, and, though an underdog, never lost a basic humanity. That image be one of the best turn-arounds ever. The older Medieval image is less flattering: in an English tale, Jesus Christ is walking with his disciples. One asks for a miracle--a really hard thing. When questioned, he suggests that JC do something with the piece of dung lying in the road. JC changes it into a Scot. The disciple replies that was no miracle---it is still the same thing.

: I'm sure you're not implying that my dear forbearers, and all real Scots, are to be treated as the butt of your rather tasteless joke. The fact of the matter is that the Scots are a brave, courageous, kind, generous, industrious, intelligent and generally well educated race who have contributed, out of all proportion to their numbers, to the creation of the civilised world as we know it. It's an old saying, but a true saying 'The Irish navvies may have built it but they worked to the plans and directions of the Scots'.

how in the world does a topic ever go off topic like this??

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